Diagnostic testing is a compass, providing information that helps in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a range of health conditions.

Abbott’s life-changing tests and diagnostic tools put the power of health in the hands of healthcare professionals in all parts of the world. We’re empowering smarter medical and economic decision making to help transform the way people manage their health at all stages of life.

Abbott’s diagnostics business in Sligo is located in the Finisklin Business Park.




Abbott established our first Irish diagnostics manufacturing facility in the Finisklin Business Park in Sligo in 1994 to manufacture blood-screening products and reagents.

Since its inception, this impressive manufacturing facility has expanded eight times and now spans nearly 170,000 square feet over a nine-acre site.

The Sligo facility is the second largest facility worldwide manufacturing diagnostic products. Process and Product Innovation laboratories have been established in Sligo to support the development of pioneering new products for Abbott’s diagnostics business.




The Abbott product portfolio produced in Sligo has developed consistently over the years. We manufacture reagents that are used for the diagnostic analysis and screening of numerous diseases and conditions with a focus on infectious diseases and cancer. Our infectious disease assays detect Hepatitis B and the Rubella and Cytomegaloviruses associated with congenital disorders. Our oncology assays are used to measure levels of key blood proteins indicative for cancer of the prostate and liver as well as a variety of other tumours.

We also manufacture instrument accessory reagents, the materials required for day-to-day operation of Abbott’s diagnostic instruments. This includes line diluents and wash buffers that are used in hospital and clinical laboratories all over the world.

ADD Sligo is proud to be a centre for manufacture of reagents and accessories for ADD's new Alinity series of platforms, supporting immunoassay, transfusion and haematology applications.

For more information on Abbott’s diagnostics business, please visit www.abbottdiagnostics.co.uk.



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