At Abbott, we believe graduates and postgraduates are an essential source for future talent. Our award winning graduate programme, the Professional Development Programme, identifies the highest-performing graduates — those with true leadership potential. We also recruit graduates and postgraduates outside of the Professional Development Programme, drawing from a range of disciplines, such as engineering, quality systems, science and supply chain. Our PDP is highly selective and personalised. Participants apply their skills in different businesses over a two-year period, receiving a breadth of experience through exposure to different operations and locations. Rotating through four six-month assignments, participants find the programme both challenging and exciting. By completion, graduates have developed a sound understanding of Abbott as a company, along with strong management, technical and interpersonal skills.

The PDP is:

  • Highly selective and challenging
  • Tailored to an individual’s talents and interests
  • A rich development experience, supported by a dedicated mentoring programme
  • An accelerated programme, preparing graduates to make valuable contributions early in their careers
  • A senior management priority

To qualify for consideration, a candidate must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant discipline
  • A record of strong academic and extracurricular achievement
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • A track record of teamwork, adaptability, innovation, initiative and integrity
  • Leadership capabilities
  • The ability to learn quickly and the flexibility to fill changing positions at different sites
  • An interest in pursuing diverse career options with Abbott

Our Professional Development Programme has been continually recognised as one of the top graduate programmes in Ireland.


The Abbott Talent Acquisition Team sends programme details to third-level institution career officers every August. Recruitment and selection take place in September, and positions are offered to graduates no later than February. All applications must be made online from September through November.